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LumiAgro Horticulture Lighting from GMY


Fachoi lights, Money Tree lights, planter lights, agriculture systems

Brilliant innovations that the whole world needs

     and that your customers will want to buy

LumiAgro Horticulture Systems From GMY

For more than 25 years, GMY Lighting Technology has been creating better life with light. Now we are pleased to introduce our latest innovations:



LumiAgro Horticulture Systems Eco-friendly, energy-saving lighting systems for  healthy productive plants. From simple herbs or flowers or money trees in the home, to warehouses converted to grow fruits and vegetables indoors, we have the products your customers want.



We manufacture systems from small in-home planters to large-scale indoor farming systems. They all have one thing in common they’re customizable. This means our sales partners can tailor our products to meet the needs of their customers.


As a LumiAgro partner, we rely on you and support you at every step. You know your market and understand its needs. We know how to provide you with the customization you need for success. 

 Together, we’ll create better life with light.


Great new products making a world of difference. 

Ready to ship right now and customizable for even easier sales.


Bringing Gardens into the Home

In-home gardening has become a hot new market. And LumiAgro is the best way to turn any home into a garden. 


If you want to take advantage of this trend, consider partnering with LumiAgro. 

Let LumiAgro help your customers grow in their homes and let us help you to grow your revenue.

Adonis tabletop, countertop, or desktop planters from LumiAgro
  • adonis1.jpg
  • adonis2.jpg
  • adonis3.jpg
  • adonis4.jpg
  • Adonis tabletop planter system with app control manufactured by LumiAgro
  • Adonis bamboo countertop planter system manufactured by LumiAgro
  • Adonis Fachoi Fachoy money tree light planter manufactured by LumiAgro
  • adonis8.jpg
  • Adonis bamboo tabletop planter system manufactured by LumiAgro
  • Money Tree lamp, Fachoy lamp, Fachoi light from LumiAgro
  • apollo2.jpg
  • apollo3.jpg
  • Demeter large kitchen planter manufactured by LumiAgro
  • Demeter large kitchen lettuce and herb plant system manufactured by LumiAgro
  • Demeter restaurant lettuce and herb plant system manufactured by LumiAgro

Partnering with LumiAgro: The Business Case

You couldn’t find a better partner than GMY and LumiAgro. 

 Think about it:

  • Own an attractive product portfolio for a high-growth market
  • Establish a new brand in your region with little competition
  • Get smart support for customization including products and packaging
  • Have a factory dedicated to keeping your inventory market-ready
  • Take advantage of our customizable marketing tools

Most of all we’re dedicated to our mutal success. Look into all we offer. 


LumiAgro provides our partners professional, customized marketing resources.

 Click here to see one of our cutomized marketing videos.

Customized indoor agriculture system from LumiAgro EngineeringCustomized indoor fruit growing system from LumiAgro EngineeringCustomized CEA Closed Environment Agriculture system from LumiAgro Engineering

Capitalizing on Indoor Agriculture

As climate change and population growth change our world, indoor agriculture unlocks opportunities for increased food production and increased revenue for you.


Every day new opportunities arise as both governments and private enterprise explore the possibilities of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) and with LumiAgro as your partner, you’ll be ready to provide the systems they need. 


Our systems incorporate years of lighting and mechanical innovation. Our engineering support staff can provide all the resources you need to close these challenging and lucrative sales. With LumiAgro as your partner, you’ll be steps ahead of any competition.


GMY and LumiAgro: Your Best Systems Partner

Unlike most manufacturers, who trade in consumer goods, GMY and LumiAgro understand complex systems sales. We’ve got more than 25 years of system sale success.

And we’ll be with you as you work with customers, providing the system support you need:

  • Careful analysis of your customer’s needs, to create customer confidence
  • Accurate selection of the products they require not a one-size-fit-all list
  • Precise customization of spectrum to assure maximum production
  • Immediate, personalized response to any concerns, to keep them satisfied

Take advantage of our systems sales support, and your success is assured. Contact us.


GMY and LumiAgro develop and test systems in a 5000 square meter laboratory.

 Click here to see our vertical farm systems in action.


Partnering with GMY and LumiAgro

We specialize in innovation: for our products and for our partners

LumiAgro manufacturing and R&D from GMY Technology

We know what it takes to be successful

For more than 25 years, we’ve led the industry in lighting innovatons. Every year we produce hundreds of millions of high-quality lighting products. 


Our success is based on partnerships

When you partner with GMY, you join more that 100 international customers who have achieved success with our excellent products, reliable delivery, and outstanding support. We know more than most manufacturers that good partners are the foundation of mutual success.


Let’s work together and enjoy success

Whether it’s OEM/ODM customization, special shipping, even payment terms and pricing, you can count on GMY to work with you.


Some of our successful OEM partners: 

  • globe.jpg
  • deerma.jpg
  • HOmedepot.jpg
  • iooke.jpg
  • jnuo.jpg
  • kitkat.jpg
  • levance.jpg
  • Osram.jpg
  • phillips.jpg
  • Shivna.jpg
  • signify.jpg
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