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Demeter 002



Demeter Series 002


Key Features of Demeter 002

Larger Planting Area:

5 planting layers with 72 planting spots and
allowing for more harvesting opportunities.


LCD Panel Display:
Large-screen LCD panel for clearer display and more convenient operation.

Intelligent Control Display
Smart control design alerts users when water levels are low or the pump malfunctions.


Intelligent Water Circulation System:
Utilizes advanced tidal irrigation technology, with the option to choose between DFT or NFT planting methods for different planting scenarios


Intelligent Lighting Control System:
Customizable lighting schedules for different plant layers based on their light requirements, ensuring optimal growth


Lower Energy Consumption:
Recommended to use 10 hours of light per day with only 1 kWh of electricity consumption.

Food-grade eco-friendly material:
The body is made of materials that meet the safety certification of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), ensuring safety and reliability.


360° Water Circulation:
Uses a tidal irrigation system and 360° three-dimensional irrigation technology for controlled water levels to ensure uniform plant absorption.

Pump Timer Function:
Pump operates for 15 minutes every hour by default, with customizable settings available.

Automatic Water Shortage Reminder:

Low-energy automatic water shortage reminder, with simple and fast operation.



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