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Demeter Series 003



Key Features of Demeter 003

Intelligent Control Display:
Smart control design alerts users when water levels are low or the pump malfunctions.


Intelligent Water Circulation System:
Utilizes advanced tidal irrigation technology, with the option to choose between DFT or NFT planting methods for different planting scenarios.


Intelligent Lighting Control System:
Customizable lighting schedules for different plant layers based on their light requirements, ensuring optimal growth


Scientific Layer Height Design:
Accommodates common leafy vegetables and herbs, increasing yield and allowing for extended harvest periods through leaf picking.


Leafy Greens Specific Spectrum:
Features LED plant grow lights that simulate sunlight.


Eco-friendly Materials:
Constructed with space-grade aluminum, sturdy, durable, and visually appealing.


Pump Timer Function:
Pump operates for 15 minutes every hour by default, with customizable settings available.


Built-in Silent Fan:
Fan reduces environmental temperature, promotes plant transpiration, replenishes CO , enhances photosynthesis, and improves root nutrient absorption efficiency.


Large Capacity Water Tank:
Reduces frequency of refilling and prevents overflow during power outages.






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