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LumiAgro - from GMY :: Partnerships



We Treat Partners Like Family

We treat our partners like family we know we rely on you for our success. So we give the tools you need to close your sales.


When you partner with LumiAgro, you don’t just get high-quality, appealing products. You get high-quality, customizable marketing support too.


Complete Customization Options from LumiAgro

LumiAgro puts the manufacturing power of GMY Technology at your service

LumiAgro is the latest addition to GMY Technology’s product portfolio. And for more than 25 years, GMY has been a key manufacturing supplier of OEM and ODM products to wholesalers and manufacturers worldwide. 


We continue GMY’s focus on partner support by offering complete customization of every aspect of the LumiAgro product line. Branding, packaging, and shipping customization is ready for our whosaler and distributor partners. Contact us for assistance with your OEM / ODM needs.


We also bring in our engineeering staff and technical support staff for all our systems especially our customized solutions for indoor agriculture, which often have challenges, like product planning and bid creation. The answers you need, when you need them.

We recognize that working together effectively is the fastest way to mutual success. We are here to help. 


Marketing Videos

Our marketing department works for you giving you tools so you can get more customers.

We create marketing videos customizable with your branding and your preferred language. 

Here are some examples:



Home Gardening (Adonis Series 003)

Our Adonis 003 marketing video shows a home planter being enjoyed by a family a highly relatable scene that will encourage your customers to buy.


As with all our marketing videos, branding and language can be customized for your market...making your success assured.


Click here to watch the full video for the Adonis 003 Home Gardening Planter. 


Vertical Farming video

How will you assure potential customers about complex vertical farming products. 


Our Vertical Farming video will help. 


The video shows GMY / LumiAgro’s amazing 5000 square meter indoor agriculture laboratory in action: the innovative lighting systems and automated mechanical growth equipment providing quick, enhanced production.


Click here to watch the full GMY / LumiAgro Vertical Farming video.


Adonis 203 Video


The video shows GMY / LumiAgro’s Adonis 203 home planter. 


Click here to watch the full GMY / LumiAgro Adonis 203 video.


Adonis 206 Video


The video shows GMY / LumiAgro’s Adonis 206 home planter. 


Click here to watch the full GMY / LumiAgro Adonis 206 video.


Adonis 223 Video


The video shows GMY / LumiAgro’s Adonis 223 home planter. 


Click here to watch the full GMY / LumiAgro Adonis 223 video.


Product brochures

Videos are great marketing tool but every good salesmen understands the importance of leaving the customer with a brochure or catalog a reminder that stays with the customer and urges them to act. 


We understand what you need, and we don’t just provide it we will customize it with the language and branding that supports you.


Have a look at some of our marketing brochures



LumiAgro in-home product brochure

LumiAgro has a complete portfolio of in-home systems. This brochure provides answers for nearly every question


Click here to see the LumiAgro Product brochure 


Vertical Farming  brochure

How will you inform potential customers about GMY and LumiAgro’s innovative vertical farming products. 


Our Vertical Farming brochure provides the facts and figuress that will convince them.


Click here to view the Vertical Farming brochure.

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